• What is A-Team? 

 Our global ambassador program. These bad asses promote sex positive girl power across the globe (+ they make a sweet commission). Interested in joining our team? Apply Here!

• Where can I direct my press inquiry? 

 Please email all inquiries to: hello@lovabilityinc.com. We’ll try to get back to you within 48 hours. 

• Are you available for speaking engagements? 

Yes! Same email. Same quick response. We’d love to share our sex ed knowledge or discuss feminism, sex culture, entrepreneurship or dismantling the patriarchy one condom at a time with you and your friends (peers, pals, coworkers, you name it). We’re big fans of panels too! The more, the merrier. Email hello@lovabilityinc.com with your detailed request. 


 • Where are Lovability Condoms sourced? 

An awesome farm-to-factory rubber plant in Malaysia. We’re proud to say our condoms are produced from super fresh latex tapped from local trees. Once the trees are tapped, our condoms are made right away. No wait means no icky latex smell! Fresh is good. 

• Who packages and ships Lovability Inc. products? 

o Our products are assembled by an incredible team of people with varying mental and physical abilities in San Diego. The difference? There’s love packed in every tin. After assembly, our co-Founders prep every order and drop them off at the post office themselves. Interested in supporting the same community of fabulous assembly workers? Check out Arc of San Diego! Good vibes guaranteed. 

• What is a buttercup condom wrapper? 

Ever go into an old school diner and butter your toast? You’ve probably used jam or butter from a buttercup! Our packaging is inspired by the easy-open design and protective shell. Simply grab the tab, and slide the wrapper off with confidence. They’re fumble proof. And protective! 

• Do you sell non-latex condoms? 

Not yet. But it’s totally on our radar. We’ll send out an email whenever we offer something new (and probably a discount too).

• Are Lovability Condoms vegan? 

o Yes! But to be honest, it’s the 100% all natural latex and total lack of toxins/additives that make these so lovely on your lady parts. Oh, and our aloe-infused lubricant. 

 • Okay, what makes a condom vegan anyway? 

o Vegan condoms, like Lovability, are free of animal byproducts and never tested on animals. As animal lovers (and part-time dog walkers) we wouldn’t dream of testing on our furry friends. 

Many latex condoms are manufactured using a milk protein called casein. Some also contain milk powder. The use of either makes a condom not vegan. 

 • What ingredients are in Lovability Condoms? 

o All natural rubber latex tapped freshly (80.17%). 

o Silicone oil, a hypo-allergenic, long-lasting lubricant of the highest grade (18.12%). 

o Corn starch & magnesium carbonate powder aka a natural material taken from corn kernels & an inorganic salt (1.71%). 


 • When will my order ship? 

Claire or Tiffany within 7 days of purchase. Shipping time is subject to change based on your location. You’ll receive an email from us with your tracking info as soon as your order is in the mail. 

 • Do you ship internationally? 

 Yes! We ship everywhere but the moon. 

• Is shipping discreet? 

You bet. Expect a plain padded envelope from a mysterious return sender named “LVBLTY”. If she sounds sexy, it’s because she is. ☺ 

• Do you accept returns? 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. For customer service support, shoot us an email to hello@lovabilityinc.com. We’ll get back to you right away. 

• What if my address changes after I place an order? 

 Let us know as soon as you can. If your order has already shipped, we’ll try to intercept the postal service and get it to you. If it hasn’t, easy squeezy! Just email us at hello@lovabilityinc.com with your new address. 

 • How can I check the status of my order? 

Shoot an email to hello@lovabilityinc.com anytime, and we’ll let you know your exact order status. Or, keep an eye out for an email from us the day your order is shipped. Your USPS tracking number will be inside. 


 • What if I’m not satisfied with my order? 

 That won’t happen! Seriously, that’s never happened. However, if there’s an issue with how your order is handled during shipping or the state in which it arrives, we’ll help you resolve it right away. We don’t officially accept returns or exchanges, but unofficially we want you to have the bad ass, perfect condoms you ordered. Email hello@lovabilityinc.com for a speedy response. 

• Do you protect my privacy online? 

Yes. Your privacy is crazy important to us! Read our complete privacy policy here (hyperlink privacy policy) to learn more. 

• What do I need to know before surfing your site? 

All of our terms and conditions can be found on our website, www.LovabilityCondoms.com/Terms. Make sure you read our privacy policy too www.LovabilityCondoms.com/Privacy.

 • What’s the easiest way to talk to a human? 

Text Tiffany at 858-243-4404 or Claire at 415-689-9847 or shoot us an email at hello@lovabilityinc.com.